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In your case, I think it would be the Fire. Just like most things on the device, it wasn't the fastest experience in the world, but it worked well. Sometimes, on pages with lots of captions or cutaway text it didn't seem to capture everything. For magazines, the reading format is a bit different.

Read on for all those answers in the full Engadget review! We could play a single file, but found no option to add albums or create playlists. Wrap-up So, is the Nook Color worth your hard-earned cash?

This wasn't constant hammering, but an ebbing and flowing of reading, testing features, and keeping the device asleep. Software Really, the Nook Color and any device which relies solely on a touchscreen for input is all about the software. We wish we could be as excited about file management, but it's kind of a mixed bag. Its bet is on interactive color as the e-reading standard of the future. Obviously this isn't a crucial task for this device, but having a strong set of codecs and some decent video support would be really nice and should cost next to nothing for this platform.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we think you'll be delighted with your new Nook device. Related Questions Nook or kindle?

First let's get something out of the way. So, is the Nook Color the next logical step in e-readers?

Can you get free books with the kindle? It looks like Kindle didn't get any battery improvement in the new model, they only changed the test condition. Even though the framing is built out of plastic, the unit feels durable and even rugged we suspect that rubber backing helps with that perception. How about the reverse, making an Android tablet into a nook or nook hd? The team working on this software really needs to clear up some of these lag issues to make the Color a more viable choice for those considering this instead of a dedicated Android tablet.

Of course, this price point helps to make a powerful argument. All the Apple News as It Happens.

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The company has leveraged its in-store presence and customer base, building Nook boutiques in stores, and offering free Wi-Fi and book browsing there. Why do people think that God isn't banging anyone he invented it?

While we didn't do any drop tests, the Nook Color certainly feels like it can take something of a beating but don't go throwing it against walls on our account. Like its predecessor, the Nook Color is powered by Android. So running the update from a local zip file on a rooted device is not going to work. Clearly most apps will install and run without issue. It feels great in the hand, is thin, and has a great screen.

And with the nook i don't want a glare on the screen. Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. The first showpieces for Nook Color will be magazines and newspapers.

How To) Manually Install Apps to the Nook Color

Nook unlike Kindle supports eBooks in ePub format that is the universal format most used in the world. The company is starting a program for developers to create Android applications specifically for the new device, to be offered in the Nook store.

Click on the file folder and select the disk image. If you need assistance locating your serial number, click here for instructions. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Either of these Nook eReaders will provide you with up-to-date, enhanced reading experiences that we think you'll use and love for a long time to come. And it's so easy At least it works for Tasker and Opera Mobile.

Step 2 Putting the File on Your SD Card

Thread Deleted Email Thread. If you're entertaining an iPad or Galaxy Tab, we'll assume this screen technology is not going to deter you from using the device as a reader.

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Now I'm really enjoying the android and I'm looking forward to learning how to use it to its full potential. Kindle or Nook, which do you prefer? This is the first device we've seen that effectively and consistently presents a color magazine option. It's a great idea that worked most of the time. Answer Questions Are Tablets analog?

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The format would remain the same. Beyond book reading, the Nook Color potentially offers a tablet alternative that can or will be able to do much of what is possible on an iPad or Galaxy Tab. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

The screen is not responding to gestures or touch that I do. The n-button just wakes up the screen. You can find the email at the end of the post.

Shopping is now a much more interactive and enjoyable experience, with clearly guided methods of search and discovery. This graduates the Nook from dedicated e-reader to personal media player, if not quite a full tablet computer. If I take my kindle to Italy, and already have books downloaded, will I be able to read therm? At launch, the Applications section will offer Pandora for streaming music, a handful of games like chess and sudoku, call recorder for nokia 701 and a gallery application for viewing photos and video. Opportunities to test out the new Nook Color were very limited.

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It's like Netflix but better! How do you get to the app store after you have booted the nook with honeycomb? Do you prefer Kindle or Nook? Most of the press conference centered on giant mockups on the screen. There are some things the Nook Color won't do.

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What I have now is a device that appears to function but has some issues. Did you make this project? DrumCube, an Arduino Robot Drummer.

We did have a few issues with some audio skipping early on in one of the books we tested, but it went away quickly and didn't return. Both have many free books, but again, the Kindle wins in my opinion. Miscellaneous Android Development. The lawsuit was settled in March without decisively proving the point one way or the other. You can find it here to pre-order I just did and I'm super excited!

Step 2 Putting the File on Your SD CardHow To) Manually Install Apps to the Nook Color