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Terrifying footage emerges from fiery Moscow plane crash that left 41 dead

Crazy Pilots take off and land on small road in Congo. This video is shot by a Coast guard camera a half mile away from the crash scene. Both crewmembers evacuated without injury. The instructor was killed upon impact.

The medic and one of the pilots were killed. An aircraft is hit by lightning once a year, in average. Crew and passengers have not been injured.

Aeroflot plane crashes Russia Moscow. Crash during takeoff on a New Zealand beach.

Actions on the sidestick are also necessary to avoid a dangerous roll. The scene was shot by a passenger onboard the plane. After a complete engine failure, the instructor decided to land in a golf course.

All were killed in the accident. Aircraft crash videos Select videos category Commercial aviation. The pilot has been seriously injured.

MOST SHOCKING Plane Crashes Caught On Camera

Inside the wreckage, investigators discovered a camera that has entirely recorded the accident. These practices allow to supply villages in the bush, but are extremely dangerous. Amazingly saved by a tree. People onboard were injured, but survived.

Amazing plane struck by lightning. Paul International Airport, the plane cleared the runway and began the taxi to its gate. Investigators have found that rubber wheel blocks were left in the gear well, jamming the left gear in up position. The cabin crew emptied the first three rows of seats, and moved the baggage as far aft as possible. This Cessna landed with the gear up, simply because the pilot forgot to put it down.

The pilot and passenger were fatally injured. Hijacked Boeing crashed in Comores as it ran out of fuel. Within a minute after lift off, the right-hand engine flames out, but the crew shut down the left-hand engine. This is what happens when you miss your flare. The aborted take-off but it overran the wet runway and came to rest meters past the runway end.

Reuters reports that the Russian government has pushed Aeroflot to buy more of the Superjets for domestic flights, as a way to support Russia's aircraft industry. Just before lifting off, the left main gear struck an obstruction to the left of the runway, causing the left main landing gear to be torn from the aircraft structure. None of the six occupants said to be on board the aircraft survived the accident. The accident bent and curled two of the propeller's blades, and it damaged the plane's tail, rudder, vertical stabilizer, over my shoulder mp3 right wing and part of the engine.

The landing area is so small that the plane has first to land on water before stopping on ground. The airplane then became stuck in snow.

Other video showed passengers escaping on the plane's emergency inflated slides as firetrucks raced to the scene. Upon landing, the right main gear collapsed. This shows what not to do!

Lufthansa Airbus A nearly crashed during crosswind approach. The pilot has to proceed to an emergency landing. The air ambulance plane had transported a patient to Reykjavik, Iceland and was returning to Akureyri. The pilot has not compensated enough the roll, and the aircraft's left wing tip touched the ground.

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Click hereafter for more details about this event. The plane eventually ran out of fuel. On former aircraft without engine starter, hand prop was usual. This video shows how dangerous it is. Video of a Beechcraft Bonanza's near-death terrain encounter.

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World s largest aircraft crashes during second test flight video

The plane was hijacked by three Ethiopians seeking political asylum in Australia, and asking the crew to fly to Australia. To simulate a high altitude bomb explosion, explosives have been loaded in this Boeing B grams of Semtex. Click hereafter to know the investigation conclusions and the black boxes transcriptions.

The crew brought the aircraft onto the runway as slow as possible, and managed to land. The landing is quite violent, but the occupants escape without injury. This Cessna T M developed landing gear problems.

This security video captured the airplane's touchdown. The plane attempted to take off on a partially close runway. The video was recorded by airport cameras.

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Boeing hard landing in Tokyo resulting in fuselage creases. The crew decided to make a belly landing. Too long takeoff for an Aerosucre Boeing in Colombia.