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Her brother Caleb chooses Erudite. In the Allegiant film, Peter makes a deal with David to convince Evelyn to use the Memory Serum gas to erase the memories of everyone in Chicago. She overhears a conversation between the Amity leader, Johanna Reyes, and Marcus that Abnegation leaders died protecting a secret. The serum transforms the Dauntless into hypnotized soldiers to attack Abnegation.

  • He is slightly shorter than Uriah but faster and stronger than him.
  • His apparent death was officially ruled as suicide but his sister Tori does not believe that, knowing her brother was happy and also dating a fellow initiate.
  • She also starts a relationship with Will before the fear landscape stage of initiation.
  • She also talks to her during Uriah and Marlene's bets to shoot a muffin off Marlene's head without her flinching.

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Their chosen color is grey, as they all wear grey colored, loose fitting clothes. At first he has trouble adjusting, and breaks down in tears on their first night in the Dauntless dormitory. During their marriage Marcus abuses her and eventually she had an affair and left Four with Marcus.

Despite her short stature, Four describes her as having an immediate authority on people around her. He arrives at Abnegation where factionless and Dauntless are staying and Edward confronts him. She was born in Candor but chooses Dauntless as her faction at the Choosing Ceremony.

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In the third film, Evelyn gives him the memory serum gas to wipe his memory. Marcus fakes her death but she contacts Four after his transfer into Dauntless, according to Four their meeting was not a happy one. She initially has a shaved head but later her hair grows back.

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Divergent study guide contains a biography of Veronica Roth, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Social structure most affects the novel's themes by socially dividing different knowledge types that characters can access. Twilight characters dating in real life James have become quite a guy who is your book. She comes to visit Tris on Visiting Day and after finding out her being Divergent, instructs her to visit her brother and talk to him about simulation serum.

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Peter appears in Divergent. She also reminds her to keep quiet about it by telling her about her brother George, who was also Divergent and got killed because of it. Date has been dating fellow actress ruth. Their natural chemistry is sparking dating games, its monophony groups the free encyclopedia.

He also helps Shauna, when she gets paralyzed from the waist down from a gunshot wound. She dies protecting her daughter from a fatal shot. He also constantly argues with Christina. During the Erudite and Dauntless traitors attack on Amity, Tris saves his life.

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She walks out on Tris when Tris comes out first among the transfers for their rankings for stage two and Peter accuses Tris for manipulating others but they reconcile after Peter's attack on Tris. At his funeral, Eric calls his suicide courageous but Tris disagrees with him, as does Four. She also starts a relationship with Uriah which ends with her death. Lynn shoots Max in the chest and during the escape Shauna gets shot in the back and becomes paralyzed, after which she uses a wheelchair. Edith was from Peoria according to her journal, whose wordings cause Tris to suspect that she was a product of a broken home, like her mother.

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He is mentioned several times in Divergent as Tori recounts the experiences about her brother, warning Tris that she will be executed if the government discovers that she is a Divergent. She is described as having dark eyes and hair with light skin. She later orders for Tris's execution. Because of her Candor upbringing, Christina can be very blunt and honest, but she is brave, witty, and loyal. Under simulation, Hector, Marlene, and Kee attempt to jump off a building.

Tris befriends several fellow initiates, dating sites in new but comes into conflict with others. She has also stood up for the other initiates. She is mentioned several times before her introduction as having to take care of the two boys alone after her husband died due to the pressure put on him by the Dauntless law to retire. She injects Four with the serum which works on Divergent and sends him to oversee the attack in control room.

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She is also one of the tattoo artists in the Dauntless compound and tattooed ravens on Tris's collarbone. Because of his soft and fragile personality, dating a smoker boyfriend he continuously throws all fights during initiation. The news follows last week's report by The Sun-Times via Media Mass that the Hollywood celebrity and his lady-love were spotted shopping for engagement rings. He is friends with Four and Shauna. She administers the aptitude test for both Tris and Four.

  1. In the first stage of initiation, they are trained in guns, knives and hand-to-hand combat.
  2. He is the instructor for the transfer initiates and develops strong feelings for Tris.
  3. Later, Tris learns that David wants to expose the memory serum on the whole population of Chicago to begin his experiment at a clean slate.
  4. Divergent adds a new layer of complexity with its creation of an illusion of democracy for participants in its fractioned society, with the factions controlled by outside forces.
  5. His two closest friends during initiation appear to be Marlene and Lynn.

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He is approximately ten years old. Soil represents it at the Choosing Ceremony. James have become quite a q a hollywood's favorite in the fermentation with author veronica roth.

The abusive father of Tobias Eaton and a member of the Abnegation city council along with Andrew Prior. Later, Caleb leaves Erudite after learning about their plan to use Dauntless to attack Abnegation. He is a member of the city council, a group of Abnegation who govern the entire city. He was born in Abnegation to Andrew and Natalie Prior.

She was in relationship with Will which ends with his death. Later she and Caleb move towards the safe zone, cape town dating free where the surviving Abnegation are living. She is not mentioned to have been expelled from Dauntless though it is likely due to her extreme trauma over the second initiation test and does not appear in the sequel.

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During the war between Allegiant and the factionless, Four gives his mother the option to drink the memory serum, so she may be born anew and become his mother again. He later declines to join the others in their invasion at Erudite. Divergent essays are academic essays for citation.

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She also arrives at the safe house during the attack on Abnegation. Their leader is Jeanine Matthews. Erudite leader Jeanine, mastermind of the attack, temptation dating site injects Tobias with an experimental serum that overrides his Divergence.

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