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Prepare double recipe of dhokli and freeze half of it in Ziploc bags for future use. Mix all the ingredients of muthiya in a large bowl and knead into soft dough using the veggie juice if required. Add cut muthiyas and stir them in for mins. Gujarti food is well known for its sweet and sour taste and unique preparations, igi8 game Khaman falls in that category.

Add in the slit chillies and mix them well with the prepared achari mixture. Serve hot with a dollop of ghee, thats the traditional way of enjoying dal dholki.

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Gujarat is famous for its food especially handvo, muthiya, dhokla, patra, khaman, khamni etc the list is endless. About Me Anuradha Jariwala View my complete profile.

Now oil your palms and form cylindrical shaped muthiyas and place them in a steamer. The wholesomeness of whole wheat flour and protein rich lentils make this dish extra special.

Once they start crackling add sesame seeds and asofoetida. Athela Marcha sounds and tastes amazing with any dish which is bland, such as plain khichdi or varan dal and rice.

Use sev to garnish kanda pauva, this will add nice crunch to the dish. In a heavy bottom pan add ghee and jaggery, let the jaggery melt and bubble up for a minute or two, stir in every few seconds.

Repeat this process for second container. To check it they are ready, insert a tooth pick in muthiya and if it comes out clean they are ready and done. Palak, methi, tandalja etc are the types of green veggies which are usually a part of evening dishs at our home in baroda. This pickle can be served with any kind of parathas, snacks and goes good with everyday food as a side dish. Serve Hot with green chutney.

Garnish it with chopped coriander and coconut. She used to prepare it using kanki-korma loat ready mix of rice and lentil coarse flour. Prepare them for tempering by cutting them into square pieces and sprinkling red chilli powder and coriander leaves on them.

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This is a one pot dish and a favorite in Gujarat as a Holiday evening dish. Keeping in sun at this stage helps to slowly cook sugar and gives it a nice caramelized flavor and texture. Pour this tempering mix to prepared khaman. Hence we can say this is a guilt free snack. Now place this mixture on nicely oiled surface and with the help of rolling pin roll out chikki to desired thickness.

You can add equal amount of Jaggery instead of sugar for additional benefits of avoiding refined sugar. Now mix the batter well so that eno is fully incorporated in batter. Khaman falls into the category of dhokla, along with khatta dhokla, rasia dhokla and more famous these days are tri-colored cheese dhoklas. Heat oil in a small pan, add rai to it and once it starts to crackle add til, hing and green chillies.

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Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan and add mustard seeds. The key to great tasting muthiya is in sweet and sour taste along with delicate softness which can be achieved only with adding right amount of sugar and curd. Now you can enjoy this pickle whenever you want. Goes good with sindhi koki.

You can also add more yogurt instead of veg juice for that ultimate soft muthiyas. Some people describe dal dhokli as a pasta-like dish as I do, but the practice of dropping everyday bread dough into a simmering pot, puts it in the dumpling category too. Store it in an air tight container.

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Pour this batter into two greased containers and wrap it with cling film if you dont have a cling film then cover the container with microwave safe plate. Serve warm with roti, chappati, naan or paratha of your choice. Chikki, Uttarayan kite flying festival favorite, is a ready to eat Indian sweet.

Break up the pieces of the rolled out chikki once it has cooled off or you can also cut the pieces while its rolled and still hot. And so I just soaked it and prepared this mouth watering, simple and aromatic dish. Add in lightly mashed urad dal and salt to taste. Fresh pasta simmered in tasty, spicy and aromatic lentil soup, slice of heaven served on plate.

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Athela marcha which literally means pickled chillies add instant kick of spiciness to any food. Healthy because it is steam cooked here microwaved without excessive oil or frying. It has sweetness of eggplant, tangy taste from yogurt and green chillies give it a kick of hot and onion is added for its ability to enhance flavors of other fellow ingredients. Serve hot with chappati or paratha of you choice.

Let this mix cook on medium flame till the onions are tender and cooked to crunch. Garnish it with chopped coriander and serve hot. It can also be chopped into bits and added to veggie raita and used as one of the topping on pizza etc. In a big bowl combine all ingredients for khaman except eno, mix well and break any lumps that might have formed in the batter. Take a large transparent air tight glass jar make sure its thoroughly dry big enough to fit in all the lemon wedges and stack the wedges in it.