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When Linda and Ted are forced to share an office, she catches him staring at her bottom on more than one occasion. After being told she can, Veronica informs Linda that she is now the only one who can wear her hair this way. They were both standing next to each other in an office when she said this. Bamba's method for deactivating the security cameras. It turns out she stole this hairstyle from Linda on her first day, who presumably wanted to be sure to be taken professionally at her new job.

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Saving Ted's job, definitely isn't though. Because that meal has been practising yoga for the last seven years. Lem and Phil claim not to be, despite what their bowling shirts say.

Better Off Ted – Intraoffice sexual tension can be fun

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Screw the Money, I Have Rules! This backfires when Ted and Don have a great time and become friends. Ted's mom is also never seen in the series, although a photograph of her is briefly shown his dad, however, appears in one episode. Linda gets Ted to play racquetball with her new boyfriend Don in the hopes that he'll have a terrible time because he's not over her. Also Phil himself, as after he's been cryonically frozen he for a time makes strange screaming noises at random times.

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Veronica notes that she likes her powerful hairdo, and asks if she can wear her hair pulled back like that. It hasn't been easy on the world either. Ted's wife ran off on him and their eight-year-old daughter, Rose, to help the world, which Ted has more problems with than Rose. Played with and possibly averted.

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After Veronica explains this to him, Ted pretends to hate Don to make Linda feel better. She's intimidating enough that the victim doesn't question her. Between terrible promotion and shifting time slots it's not too surprising they decided to get the trifecta and pre-empt its final two episodes. But inverted when the workers in the cat clique begin exhibiting gang-like behavior. Phil says the name of the trope verbatim, referencing Lem and his attempts to rebuild Cholmondeley, texas state laws minors dating a scrapped spill-technician robot.

He suggests that the lemur should learn to take pleasure in the friendships he has where he is rather than dreaming of bigger things elsewhere. And a Salt and Pepper set for Phil and Lem. Phil and Lem fit this trope to a T even though Phil is described as being married. And the three or so episodes in which Veronica is shown letting her hair down also coincide with the character being allowed to, well, let her hair down. Veronica implies this about Ted a few times.

Where when people see something they want, they just have it. Although his wife never appears in the series, Phil seems almost completely whipped by his worse half, who is so completely indifferent to him that she encourages him to cryogenically freeze himself. Spoofed with the Ad Bumpers. And it's the best thing they've ever had. However, there is a second season episode in which Lem and Phil are horrified to come to the realization that they are, indeed, mad scientists.