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Hudson Bay Blanket

  • Thank you again, Marilyn Whited.
  • This one is a variant of one used from the mid ss.
  • Has a few small moth eats nothing major.
  • Without the points, how could anyone possibly know how many beaver pelts they are worth?
  • Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hudson's Bay point blanket.

Payment due same day of close due to nonpaying bidders. Here is a good old Hudson Bay type striped red wool blanket. How do I find out how old this blanket is? These pieces were all available from Sit and Read in Brooklyn. Have you tried emailing the Hudson Bay Company?

Bay blankets and blanket-themed items are also popular souvenirs for tourists from outside of Canada, and collectors all over North America prize older Hudson's Bay blankets. In present day, the Hudson's Bay blanket is still a bestselling item in Canada. The Hudson's Bay blanket was called by different names in First Nations languages. Genuine point blankets have become very collectible and could fetch prices up to thousands of dollars. It is a used blanket so it's far from perfect!

Hudson s Bay Company

There are the four short lines of the darker color that is typical of Hudson's Bay blankets. The coat is unlined, which is more typical of pre-war patterns. The hip pocket flaps contrast against the main stripe. One small moth hole that I saw highlighted in last photo.

These early blankets are also easily discernible from more modern ones by their heavier weight and deeper nap. Condition is Used in very good condition. This coat is double breasted and belted, dating in the uk and has stylish peak lapels and a rounded collar which I have only seen on blanket coats made by Maine Guide. Notify me of new posts via email. Large original Hudson's Bay wool blanket.

We promise to do our best to keep you reading. Over the centuries the sizes of blankets have shifted, what does it mean radiocarbon particularly during the s as beds became larger. It is in original plastic zip bag.

It has held together for it's age see pics. Maine Guide went the extra step to take full advantage of everything the iconic Canadian fabric had to offer. We are offer friendly and accept most reasonable offers. Gold colored Hudson Bay wool blanket.

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  2. Remember when we covered that chair the previous owner left in the garage with military blankets?
  3. Thank you very much James for your kind words and providing the link back.

Glad that you and your blanket found each other. To this day, clothing manufactures are still making coats and jackets from, and inspired by, these awesome blankets. One small stain seen on back side of blanket.

Hudson s Bay point blanket

Although the cream with the green, red, yellow and blue stripe are the most recognizable, the dark red and black stripe was pretty common too. Seems like everything you blog about are things I love. Many thank you Blessings for info.

Hudson Bay Blankets

These are rare o find in the brown color scheme, with the red and black being most common, followed by the multi-stripe. Oh well, it is in the guest room, at least until I can get another blanket. But the memories are invaluable!

The History of the Hudson s Bay Point Blanket

The labels are in bad shape. The Hudson's Bay company adds authenticity labels to all of its blankets and related products, making it easier to identify genuine Hudson's Bay items. Ryan, it was your beautiful photo that inspired this story. The blanket is in nice vintage condition. The coat is, as was typical of mackinaws of this period, unlined.

Genuine Witney Blanket Story. Blanket may have some wear but overall good condition. Vintage-Haberdashers Blog.

In the early s, Maine Guide produced a model with a double breasted chest and a zippered bottom. You both have done a beautiful job. The main determinants of value include age, size, colour, dating in warner pattern rarity and condition.

Determining age and value of Hudson Bay Blanket - The eBay Community

Label Maker Ideas

Shop the large inventory of home and garden products and collectible blankets! By continuing to use this website, hook up you agree to their use. It has a full yellow lining.

Shoppers can also find Hudson's Bay blanket jackets, T-shirts, towels, throws, and even holiday stockings. Have a safe and happy holiday season! The holes are probably from moths.

Email required Address never made public. It has a double breasted, toggle style closure, with a broad collar and both handwarmer and flapped patch cargo pockets. We have one of these blankets given as a wedding gift. Turned out beautiful creamy color.

Hudson Bay Blanket Labels

Native Americans prized the blankets because of their ability to hold heat even when wet. The number of points represented the overall finished size of the blanket. Estate find, has pet hairs. Whether you want to show off your Canadian pride or you collect antiques, you can explore a vast inventory of new and vintage Hudson's Bay blankets on eBay. The coat is double breasted, with points showing, and the black portion of the blanket used as contrast for the collar.

The History Of Hudson Bay Blanket Labels
The History of the Hudson s Bay Point Blanket

Each blanket was graded as to weight and size using a point system. Today the blankets are made in England by John Atkinson, a sub brand of A. Wools from Britain and New Zealand are used in the manufacture of blankets.

Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource Hudson s Bay Company

The company is named for the Hudson Bay and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. It thrills to the core to know that someone is reading, and enjoying, the things we write about. The stripe colors were chosen simply because they were easily produced at the time with colorfast dyes.

Point Blankets - age

Am not sure of the age of the blanket. Solid colours are available, as is the classic pattern featuring the green, red, yellow, and indigo stripes. There is also some tearing at the edge pictured above. Canada Hudson's Bay Home Outfitters.

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