Dating remington nylon 66, manufacturer s date codes

These should give you the month and year it was made. It could have been in the warehouse for weeks or months. You may need to determine what letters to use based on the serial number. But this was complicated by delays and cost increases on parts supplied by outside vendors.

Dating Tips For Your Nylon Rifle

How does the serial number help? Anyone know what year of manufacture it is? Remington started putting serial numbers on the nylon rifles near the end of.

Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles How much is it worth? Nylon rifle posed three formidable challenges. You will have to call Colt.

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  • The question can not be answered without a serial number.
  • They must have decided that as long as they were going to disguise the receiver with a steel shell, they would make the shell serve some useful purpose so the rear sight assembly was riveted to it.
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  • Large top is early, small is later.
  • Finally, the flat spring that tensioned the cartridge feed guide was mounted by a rivet to the underside of the cover.

Remington Nylon 66

Look up the date codes on our chart. It is only in fair condition initials scratched into receiver, scratched butt stock, missing rear sight. Bray Memorial Scholarship Marion P. They were each given one in olive drab green later renamed Seneca Green and one in walnut later renamed Mohawk Brown.

They soon concluded that barrels did not offer much opportunity for savings, so they focused on the receivers and stocks. Remington asked the chemical engineers at DuPont to come up with a plastic that could replace both the wooden stock and the receiver. Would the shooting public buy it? The striker was either an investment steel casting or a forging, which required no machining except for the hole down its center. What it comes down to is you have to start playing detective.

Remington Society

Remington Nylon 66

Dating a nylon 66

The Remington Nylon 66

Cartridge Carrier rocker blued. In spite of the lack of hand fitting, the trigger pulls were excellent. He is a former Federal Firearms License holder and private investigator.

Most likely you have a non matching rifle with a barrel or receiver cover that has been replaced. What is Winchester ser f date of manufacture? Conner's summary was four pages long.

The Remington Nylon 66

You will have to call Colt to find out. In some cased many more than two letters. In the event of a ruptured case, these cuts were to allow the hot gases to escape in a vertical direction, cyprus free dating site thus not hurting the shooter. Difference in rear sight screw. For some reason they skipped O in and went to P.

No way to answer since a serial number was not provided. This is where serial numbers come into play. Conner then went into detail about the testing routine to which he subjected the rifles. There should be more numbers and or letters in the sn. The table look and details are on the manufactured date link of the Remington Society of America.

Manufacturer s Date Codes

The cover was grooved so a scope could be mounted. The receiver covers and barrels were changed from blued to a matte black finish near the end of production. No serial number provided. Would it have durability, accuracy and dependability? Also, Remington management changed the projected number of nylon rifles that would be produced, and the unit cost of certain parts changed with the size of the projected order.

Dating a nylon 66 Snappy Tots

All the nylon rifles have date codes though sometimes the codes are confusing. But it was a huge success. Mixed guns are not uncommon particularly since Ebay came into being. Early guns had no serial number. Someone could have ruined the barrel and simply had it replaced.

5 Reasons the Remington Nylon 66 is the Ultimate 22 Plinker

Hundreds of thousands of rounds were fired. Serial number location on era Apache Black. Prior to serial numbers did not have a letter prefix.

What is the date of manufacture for a Nylon 66 ser A

Can you guys give me some help dating this beauty? It is the premier website and largest source of information on the internet about Remington nylon rifles. Introduction to the Remington Nylon Rifles.

  1. Please note that many rifles, particularly.
  2. The barrel at its breech had two gas relief cuts added very soon after production started.
  3. The buttstock and fore-end were two pieces and the middle section was the receiver.
  4. The next morning, he took it in a boat to the middle of a lake and lowered it, fully loaded, to the bottom with a string on the trigger guard.
  5. In the early s, Remington Arms Co.
  6. Rs look like Ps if they are not stamped deep enough and Ps could look like Rs in some circumstances.

Lets say you have a rifle with no serial number on it but. Did you check under the front of the barrel to see if there is serial number? The screw or even the cover could be a replacement. What was the manufacture date for a Smith and Wesson Ser. That sometimes includes the receiver cover.

Anyone know what the R means? What year was the sc ser F made? The name Nylon was adopted by DuPont soon after. It if has those letters and has a serial number as well, you would use the latter year.

He currently is an emergency management and security consultant as well as being a Revolutionary War Veterans Association Appleseed rifle instructor. Excellent source of information. In they skipped the Q and used R.

One other issue with date codes is that there are sometimes more than two letter stamped on the barrels. Considerable time and energy were devoted to cost-control measures. The steel cover also held the ejector into the receiver. It has been found that when a scope was mounted and the gun was gripped too rigidly the point of impact could change. My understanding is that when sent back to the factory for repairs, they stamped another letter on it to indicate that is had been repaired.

The large head was susceptible to breaking off so it was changed. The final approval for formal introduction was given by management on Dec. What is date of manufacture of colt diamondback ser p? He reported that it functioned flawlessly both before and after that incident.

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