In most versions, the dike is holding back the North Sea, not a river. Please enter the required information. Dikes can be either magmatic or sedimentary in origin. Behold what manner of race the fathers of the Golden Age left behind them!

She and her mother are both personifications of justice. This article needs additional citations for verification. Ancient Greek deities by affiliation. All Professional Homemade.

Once the new dike is establish ed, putty for xp water from the isolate d part is drained out of the area. Or it forces its way into a fissure to form a dike which may never reach the surface.

Continue to external site Go Back. They sound alike but that's it. Sedimentary dikes or clastic dikes are vertical bodies of sedimentary rock that cut off other rock layers.

Dikes often form as either radial or concentric swarms around plutonic intrusives, volcanic necks or feeder vents in volcanic cones. The later art of rhetoric treated the personification of abstract concepts as an artistic device, which devolved into the allegorizing that Late Antiquity bequeathed to patristic literature. See illustration at batholith.

Words that rhyme with dike. Astraea is also one of her epithets referring to her appearance in the nearby constellation Virgo which is said to represent Astraea. Explore the year a word first appeared. Scot a wall, esp a dry-stone wall.

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These dikes, which can be hundreds of miles long, are usually used to create farmland or residential space from a lakebed or even the ocean. The most familiar material used to build or augment dikes is the sandbag. Freckle face dike swallowing the dick and smoking crystal meth.

Dike (geology)

They can be built quickly, which is why people living near rivers will start sandbagging as soon as heavy rains start to fall. Also called a clastic dike. More often, people construct dikes to prevent flooding.

The nation of the Netherlands has reclaimed more than a thousand hectares of land from the North Sea by constructing dikes along many tidal basin s. Interactives Any interactives on this page can only be played while you are visiting our website. Andesite Microdiorite Diorite. What made you want to look up dike?

Definition of Dike by Merriam-Webster

Dikes frequent ly intrude on open spaces between rocks, called fissure s. More Definitions for dike. Enormous construction equipment can also help build dikes.

When constructed along river bank s, dikes control the flow of water. This reflects her symbolic association with Astraea, who too has a similar iconography.

Encyclopedic Entry Vocabulary. Callimachus, Hymns and Epigrams. Dikes cut across the other type of rock at a different angle than the rest of the structure.

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Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Verily wars and cruel bloodshed shall be unto men and grievous woe shall be laid upon them. Far meaner than themselves!

Dike (mythology)

Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Dikes are often of a different composition from the rock they cut across. Magma flowed along, then out of the dike, then formed another feature. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.

Dike (mythology)

As we industrialized, we built factories and power plants. She ruled over human justice, while her mother Themis ruled over divine justice.

Sometimes dikes appear in swarms, consisting of several to hundreds of dikes emplaced more or less contemporaneously during a single intrusive event. Other Words from dike Verb diker noun.

She is represented in the constellation Libra which is named for the Latin name of her symbol Scales. Dikes made of sandbags can be many meters tall and twice as wide. Need even more definitions? They built a temporary dike of sandbags to keep the river from flooding the town. This impacts the communities and wildlife located downstream who might depend on that water.

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