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Their relationship is often strained by the fact that Spencer has a habit of crushing on Melissa's boyfriends. She and Aria discuss the anniversary of Alison's disappearance and how it feels to be back after a year away. After that, Ezra picks up on Aria's envying Simone, who is a talented writer and also age appropriate for Ezra. When they return the family sit down to have dinner.

Spencer's biggest rival is her older sister, Melissa, and the two are constantly fighting over something. He then comforts Spencer after her breakup with Toby, leaving her confused. After Caleb is contacted by his birth mother, he leaves Hanna to stay in California for a while. As her and Toby celebrate, they discuss where they want to go for their honeymoon. When Zack says Hanna slipped the note into his pocket, Caleb takes a swing at his face.

On one of the dates, he learns about Ezra. He had an uneasy relationship with Spencer, who became suspicious of him and believed he was Alison's killer. She is portrayed by Holly Marie Combs. After telling this to Spencer, Melissa flies back to England and it is revealed that she and Wren are seeing each other again. Or, or are you just cooling off your face?

The relationship between Byron and Ella becomes strained after A sends her a letter revealing Byron's affair. Byron finds out that Ezra is involved in a relationship with Aria after they tell him and Ella and is furious about it. Later that night, singles aus der schweiz kennen lernen chatten dating Ella and Mike go for Chinese takeout. Later Ella meets Meredith at her art gallery.

Eventually, the board at Radley threatens to transfer Mona to New York, and Wren helps Hanna testify to the board and gets her to remain at Radley. His surprise birthday party later gets ruined because Lucas has something to tell Hanna but Hanna takes it the wrong way and they both end up falling out the boat.

Ella hands Aria the letter then goes upstairs. Acquaintances of Aria Montgomery The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Aria Montgomery, one of the protagonists of the series.

On the security tape Noel sent Spencer it shows that Jenna was dating Noel. When Ella found out Aria was dating Ezra, she was angry, but she believed Aria when she said she had broken it off, and tried to win her back her freedom, which Byron didn't think she deserved. In season five, he starts dating Aria, after he had been tutoring her. He seeks Hanna out for dating advice after he becomes involved with a girl named Danielle, however, it is unclear if any relationship developed between them. Later, when Aria and Ezra are at The Brew, Aria has a conversation with Zack about how it feels to see your mom dating.

Toby used his name as his alias while he was working with Mona. When he discovered that Aria was his student, he attempted to break things off, but found himself unable to do so.

Although Ezra loves Aria, he seems to still have some lingering feelings for Jackie, and the two remain close. Toby talks to his mother's therapist, the one she talked to the day she died. Her mom then arrives home allowing him the moment he needs to sneak away.

She accepts Toby's idea that they marry that very day despite her being in the hospital bed. When Hanna's mom gets framed for Wilden's murder, Caleb teams up with Toby to search for other suspects.

When Aria calls Ezra, he tells her not to call him again. Regretting the affair and wanting them to be a family again, Byron moves the family to Iceland for a year as a sabbatical. It is later revealed that Ian liked to secretly videotape the girls when they were getting undressed, and other videos such as Jenna threatening Toby to sleep with her.

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She comes back to Rosewood to visit her parents and also to help Ella Montgomery with her English class, where she is asked to be a speaker as an experienced freelance writer. At the Montgomery's home, Ella and Byron are making progress on unpacking. March of Crimes Zack walks into the Montgomery living room with Ella as Aria walks in the front door.

When Spencer and him go there, there is a long roof that goes around the whole building and Spencer thinks someone may have pushed her and covered it up to make it look like a suicide. Ezra gets a job at Rosewood High as a substitute teacher. He meets Spencer after observing her practicing serves, and the two quickly enter into a relationship. Acquaintances of Spencer Hastings The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Spencer Hastings, one of the protagonists of the series. Ian dated Melissa prior to Alison's death, although he was secretly having an affair with Alison, he also flirted and tried to get with Spencer, who had a crush on him.

Following this, his friendship with Hanna and Caleb is severely strained, and Lucas grew increasingly more troubled. When Hanna and Emily check on Aria, they too are tricked down into the basement. Spencer later finds a body and assumes it is Toby from the tattoo. Back in the hospital he tells Wren that he would beat him up if he tried anything like that again.

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He paid a private investigator to look into Ali's disappearance, as he was afraid that Melissa had something to do with it since he found out Melissa had been sending Ali threatening text messages. Tearing off a piece of paper, Zack jots down his number and passes it to Hanna, telling her to hit him up. Alex eventually learned of Charlotte's death and decided to avenge her by becoming Uber A. After getting a teaching job at Hollis, she hints at wanting to reconcile her relationship with Ezra. Shortly after marrying Ian, Melissa becomes pregnant, which again causes a rift between her and Spencer, who suspects Melissa is covering for Ian.

She is committed to a mental institution, Radley, after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The two later rekindle their relationship when Aria leaves him a voice mail telling Ezra that, if he doesn't meet up with her, their relationship is over for good. He is brought back to Rosewood by Lucas, who wants Hanna and Caleb to make amends and reunite. She dislikes Toby and his relationship with Spencer in the beginning, but she eventually becomes more tolerant of it.