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Be sure to mount your radio in a spot where it won't be rained on, get grimy, kicked or bumped, or have sodas spilled on it. Mike Well-Known Member Staff member. Have had great luck in the past. Get advice, hear about specials, and much more when you follow us on social media!

Single or Dual Antenna setup which is best

You could mount it under the car seat, but then you not only wouldn't be able to reach it easily - you couldn't even see what channel you're on or any of the other functions. For a big truck application, what is the best setup? And I thought that I would be the only one that would do it like you did.

The Dual CB Antenan Guide

With the left-over parts I cut off, I will make a third antenna and I will mount it in a different direction and I will wire it with a twin-antenna lead to the other antennas. If you don't have anyone available to you can look for additional information in our technical library. The box was about five feet long. Move your vehicle to a spot with no obstructions. Some folks mount their radio above the rear view mirror, but then the mic cord might hang down, distracting the driver.

Single or Dual Antenna setup which is best

The wind-load on the antennas also decreased. Also, a lot of people seem to like the hump mounts. Some of these installations require holes to be drilled into your roof, trunk or fender, borderlands 2 which require rustproofing and weatherproofing.

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Who Uses CB Radios and Why

On each antenna, things to say there are the two screws that hold on the coax cable connector. Be specific and talk slowly. Used a piece of romex to connect the top of the loop receiver of my old antenna to the top receiver of the new antenna.

Curlytrucker Well-Known Member. As a side note, look carefully at this install. Some days I wouldn't even turn my cb on, but when I talk, I want to be heard. The truck is the negative half of your antenna, so different trucks talk and hear differently. Because your tanker's overall height is lower than a van, or reefer, you can have the best single antenna set up possible.

Firestik Dual CB Antenna Kit

Squelch - Another way to control reception is squelch, which is included on almost all radios. Also, how to describe the Midland comes with a mobile adapter that allows it to be used as an all-in-handset radio. It depend on what you need.

Recently Completed Projects

  • Yes, single antenna omni-directional is going to be the simplest setup.
  • Truck Maintenance and Repair.
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  • In fact I would call it pretty poor.
  • Haveing two antennas makes it possible to catch more frequencies collectively as the two antennas probably have slightly different echoes.

If the mount was slightly thinner this would be avoided. Vehicles such as Jeeps need a radio with a smaller footprint. You will use those two screws to loop each of the two electrical wires around.

  1. Keep in mind that when you mount your antenna on the edge or side of the vehicle a degree radiating pattern will not be achieved.
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  3. If you do, you risk damaging or destroying your radio!

The two antennas are maybe separated by two feet at the most. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Enter your email to receive special offers and news. To achieve the best performance an antenna mounted in the fender should be at least six inches over the roof, which enables additional ground plane surface for transmission. For instance, using a cigarette plug may allow the power to be always on, quickly draining the battery.

The Dual CB Antenna Guide

The width of the antenna the length of each element determines the frequencies to be received. Therefore, I went to buy a new antenna. FlatBroke Well-Known Member.

Then, do the same thing on the other antenna. Or, even worse, the mic could spring free, hitting the driver. It's especially useful with the heavy radio traffic in urban areas. It all depends on what type of radiation pattern you are trying to achieve, free online dating pietermaritzburg and how you want your receive to be. This is something important to remember.

Right Channel Radios

Requirements for Dual CB Installs

Last, but not least to many people, is mounting it where you won't have to disfigure your new or classic car with unsightly screw holes. My radio isn't fancy, but it will get out. The smaller antenna was better than the larger one.

The antennas are normally mounted on the mirrors on either side of the truck. Now, this is my configuration. How you'll do that depends on your vehicle. If yours doesn't come with a mounting kit, get stainless steel or weather-coated metal antenna mounts.

Antenna HOOK UP

Dayripper material relocation. The Pete is known for poor mounting surfaces. So the next time you run into someone installing dual antennas on their vehicle you may want to ask them what their final goal is?

While sitting in our computer room I hooked up an old multi directional fm antenna to an old uhf antenna. The wire is simply hooked up to the two twist connectors on both antennas. Now just because your truck isn't wide enough doesn't mean that dual antennas won't work.

What, specifically, do I need to do to make these antennas work the way they are supposed to. Check out our video below on tuning a number of different types of antennas. The customer is using the with the mobile adapter.

You are in a somewhat unique position because you pull tankers. Did the same thing for the bottom receivers. Truckers Family and Friends. There are a variety of mounts available.

Some factory setup duals work, depending on were the antennas are placed on the mirrors. Below is an example of a Dodge ram with dual antennas mounted off of the mirrors. The antennas are not above the height of the vehicle.

But as you well know the factory antenna mounts are not much, for putting on a better antenna. When installing two antennas, they should be about six feet apart. Same antennae, tuned when installed. Just mounted another antenna in a different direction.

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