How do you hook up 2 computers together, it still works

How do I connect computers together that are on different levels of the house? These days, switches are primarily used when you need to connect more computers together than you have ports on your router. Select Everyone from the drop-down menu at the top of the window.

Methods for Networking Two Computers

  1. That was a long time ago though.
  2. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu to appear.
  3. Click Add to add the folder to the list of shared folders.
  4. Make sure that you're doing this on the Mac from which you want to transfer files.

How to Connect Two Computers or Laptops Wirelessly

At this point, you just need everyone else to do the same thing as shown above, but to join the existing homegroup rather than creating a new one. In the case of a bad screen, an external monitor may be used temporarily. The other thing it does not help you with is reducing the number of monitors. Now that you got the ad hoc network setup, great dating profile go ahead and have the other clients connect to the network.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Most Ethernet cords are colored blue, although they can come in any color. You'll find this heading on the left side of the Control Panel window. On iMac computers, the Ethernet port is found on the back of the monitor. You'll usually find Ethernet ports on one side of your computer's housing laptop or on the back of the tower desktop.

How to Connect Two Computers Through a Network

How to Network Several Computers Together
Hardware KVM

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect to computers to one another by using an Ethernet cable. To use more advanced networking functions you'll want to learn computer networking. Using this software, are birdo and the computers still have to be next to each other in order to use it. It's in the middle of the page.

5 Ways to Connect Two Computers - wikiHow

All you need is a way for your computer to talk to this router. The only issue is that you might have to create a password for your Windows user account in order to connect. Determine whether or not your computers have Ethernet ports. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu. Click Change if you need to change the workgroup name.

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  • What if there was a cheaper way?
How to Connect Two Computers Together With Shared Folders

Connect the two computers. Use the Control Panel, not the Settings app, on each, to set up the network connection. That depends on how your house was wired. If not, then you want to click on it and set the network location to Home. Find a folder you want to share.

Additional Ports

You may have to scroll down to find this option. How do I transfer large amounts of files an entire music library from one computer to another? You'll find this on the left side of the Sharing window. That means I can connect up to three different computers to my one monitor. The technique illustrated in the Windows section above works regardless of Windows version.

Click the downward-facing arrow in the drop-down box, then click Everyone in the resulting drop-down menu. Access the Mac's files from the Windows computer. Click Change adapter settings.

This article showed that it doesn't and was also a nice simple walk-through of how to set it up. You'll find this option in the upper-left side of the window. It's in the middle of the Control Panel window. Doing so prompts the System Preferences window to open.

How to Connect Two Computers Together With Shared Folders

This wikiHow teaches you how to connect two computers in order to share an internet connection or files. This option is on the left side of the window. Hopefully, one of the three methods mentioned above will help you in controlling more than one computer from a single monitor. Access the Windows computer's files from the Mac. Move files onto the other Mac.

If this doesn't work, try using the current computer's password. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your two computers to one another. Can I connect my old laptop to my new one and simply transfer the files? It's in the lower-right side of the pop-up window.

Then hook up the second with a reverse connector. Obviously, like mentioned above, the computers all have to be close to each other. You can also simply drag and drop files between computers as you move your mouse between them. However, if you have a laptop or computer that has a wireless card and so does your buddy, you can use the cards to make a wireless connection between the two computers.

Basic Networking Explained How To Connect Two Computers

Buy an Ethernet adapter if necessary. Please feel free to browse my website for free computer help. Find the correct adapter and plug in the first computer. Yes, but you have to configure link-local addresses and setup routes manually. You can still use this cable for most computers, but if you're connecting older computers to each other, plus 60 consider buying a crossover cable if you run into issues.

Continue to use the Control Panel as illustrated here. Complicating the situation, there are several ways to connect two computers. This will open a list of your current connections. This link is in the upper-left corner of the window. If your computer uses a trackpad instead of a mouse, usa today app not updating use two fingers to tap the trackpad or press the bottom-right side of the trackpad.

How to Connect Two Computers Together with an Ethernet Cable

It Still Works

Go to Explorer and click on Network in the left-hand menu. Follow the instructions above. To get started, go to the Control Panel and click on HomeGroup. Is this article up to date? For all the advanced sharing options, go to Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel and click on Change advanced sharing settings link.

Open the other computer's File Explorer. Computers needs some way to communicate with each other in order to create a network. Connect Two Computers Using A Switch A switch is a special piece of networking equipment that looks like a router, but which is much simpler.

How to Connect Two Computers Together Using an Ethernet Cable

How to Connect Two Computers Together Using an Ethernet Cable

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