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That was not an odd request I suppose. She was not even pretty to be honest. She was that girl whom if it was wrong she would tell you, judge you, then sentence you! We just love numbers yet we not the smartest people to be honest. Just add your profile, search for other members like you seeking true love.

She asked me to join the line. Siyanda had been two years my senior and was now in varsity. Everyone else who lacks creativity and ambition wants to be a doctor, a lawyer and yes the heaven of South African students an Accountant! For now however i needed to make a plan.

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By this I mean on the physical front. She asked me what I was doing in his bed. So there I was standing outside the door on the balcony. In fact there were a few drizzles as we walked home.

It was a familiar very respectable person so it was nothing harmless. In fact, friends lovers dating site I grew up in a good family with good moral values. My dad would beat me to death and that was putting it lightly.

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She wanted to catch the bank and I had to stand in line for her. Eish you know as Africans we have this unnecessary flowerbed next to the house. My mother thought she had green fingers but oh well, it was just a dream. My house was no different.

Whoever had come and switched off the light had turned in the key blocker so I was screwed. Its simple and straight forward. My dad who is an accountant had already tried and failed to help me.

My obvious choice was my kitchen window. That evening I told my parents that I had been having problems with the project.

Guess what, we actually won it by a goal to nil. Sex is nice yes but only in the moment of having it. My brothers window did not take long to unlatch. He kicked me so many times I hardly slept. Also if it was during the day it meant no sex right so I could hold him off.

Thabo liked cars so I knew my cars. She stayed about a kilometre from me so she had to be dropped off first.

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Its funny how it happened. Now I could breathe a sigh of relief. Dress code I wore like any other teen. Yes I had one or two short dresses but nothing scandalous. It was fun but Thabo was not dependable.

When I lost my virginity I was considered to be a late bloomer. How useless was I to have gotten busted on the very first night.

You see the key in the front door has a key blocker. Inner beauty is what the rest console themselves with when it comes to facing facts.

Thabo was unreliable in that he was always out with his friends. Yes we all blame the old man but never sit down and ask about her.

That night I dreamt of a Jaguar car. It was mostly skinnies and tops. Basically this is to prevent another key from going inside.

Because she was getting off first she had chosen to sit in the back seat. Why am I telling you all this? Anyway on this particular late afternoon it looked as though it was about to rain. We had missed our transport because we had gone to the hostel to pick up a book at one from our friends room. My dad called him to ask if it was ok and he said it was no problem at all.