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The personal tragedies that strike each of them leave them even stronger, suggesting that life does not come to a standstill at the end of it all. The song Chinna Chinna unfolds during the second chapter. Crouched in a corner of the church, he gazes up to see her veiled visage luminously lit up by the glow of a few burning candles. She does not appear devastated as the camera keeps on peering on her face for several minutes, and just as she closes her eyes for the night, we see a glint of determination seep into them. Rajeev Ravi's directorial debut masterfully captures the tale of two souls in love.

Abdu Shine Thomas Chacko is a doting father and a compassionate husband, and yet he loses it all for being the terribly befuddled, reckless man that he is. His friends disapprove, goods vandiyile song and her family most certainly will when they find out.

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Download Kandukondain Kandukondain 2000 Tamil movie mp3 songs

Download Kandukondain Kandukondain 2000 Tamil movie mp3 songs

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Both are single and ready to mingle, and by the end of the song, phone numbers have been exchanged. In one of the very final scenes, Anna lies down on her bed, on the eve of her wedding, as Rasool cools away his heels in the jail.

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When he finally confesses his love to her, in one very short sentence that is over even before it had begun, she quietly walks away looking visibly hurt. Murali falls for Sandhya even though she is from a wealthy family, and they elope, leading to a tragic turn of events. The fragility, the hesitance and the final acquiescence are all competently captured by Andrea, who stunningly encapsulates who Anna truly is.

Their eyes finally lock, she is intrigued, and, eventually, interested. Rasool's elder brother Hyder Aashiq Abu is fast getting tired of his job on the ferry, and hopes to fly away somewhere far, where he could try something anew. Tucked somewhere into the Shankar-Ehsan-Loy tune is the sound of wedding bells. Their journey of love starts right there, as Rasool starts following her everywhere around, never uttering a word, never getting in her way.

They keep staring at each other unmindful of the world around them, communicating their mutual ardour in visual code. He starts following her around wherever she goes, and comes dangerously close on many occasions. He pulls her hair, mimics her actions, and follows her around.

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Only Veluthambi remains blind. Speeding away as if there isn't another morn, Rasool Fahad Fazil appears to have totally lost his senses, when he almost runs over Anna Andrea Jeremiah on a dark night.

Words are deemed so unnecessary that the song plays out in the background without being lip-synced by the besotted lovers. The silence between them speaks volumes, and his coy smiles often return back unacknowledged. When they find out, hell freezes over. The glimpse that he gets of her is only momentary, though her cold stare does manage to capture his attention. For Ashley, the narrator, finally a silver lining appears somewhere on the dark clouds that have loomed above for long.

Their conversations are very few and far in between, and Rasool's query if she loves him is met with a downcast reply that she is terrified. When he learns that Archana has come with her friends to bathe in the community well, Prashant decides to take a leap of faith. The much elaborate character study that the film offers, focuses as much on the fine attunement between the two lead characters, as on the rest of the immediate world around them. He gawps at her at a movie premiere as she enters in all her radiance.

The magical musical score adds further to the ambience, as Madhu Neelakantan's outstanding cinematography scrupulously sees to it that not a pertinent detail is left out. Shalu Rajeshwari Kharat is from an upper-caste family. And that those on the shore smell of love. Jai is so smitten by Thulasi that he follows her around and clowns about on his bicycle hoping to impress her.

Anna is initially wary, as any sensible woman would be, but since the eyes that are plastered on her belong to Fahadh Faasil, it can be assumed that she will relent. His distant past as a juvenile delinquent props up all on a sudden, and the local police insists that he be not issued a passport, thereby crushing his modest dreams. Sasikumar uses slow motion beautifully to suggest a love with the power to stop the passage of time. Fahad is an actor who has a few surprises in store for me, every time I watch him in action. Days later on another night, he is busy running for his life, when he gets to see her again.

The tune plays out in the background. Jabya Somnath Awghade is from a pig-herding Dalit family that lives on the edge of the village.

The rest of the family is clueless to the side show. The normal restrictions that govern teacher-student interactions do not apply here. Anna is convinced that they are headed for doom, even as Rasool thinks otherwise. Anna's dad Joy Mathew has remained inert for a long time now, while her idler of a brother adds up to her hell. The first and only message that he receives from her is a blank one.

The splendid cultural terrain that the film painstakingly sets up is pitch perfect, in that the Mattanchery neighborhood is sketched down with absolute flawlessness. Rasool, who ferries around tourists in his taxi in Kochi, has fallen hard for saleswoman Anna. The narrator Ashley Sunny Wayne tells us that the tales of the sea, reek of isolation. She too responds to his overtures. The gaze can sometimes be one-sided.

College pupil George is exchanging bashful looks with lecturer Malar Sai Pallavi. Numerous film tunes across languages are dedicated to ocular romance, of which the silent eye contact courtship song is an important subset. Manikya Malaraya Poovi is not the first of its kind, though. Later, she murmurs that she was all set to close the lid on her dark world, when he had walked into it.