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The free and paid versions are virtually identical. It has a sleek interface with themes that you can download from the Google Play Store. All tracks are sorted by newest and most popular. Before you can download a torrent, you'll need a client program, and qBittorrent is the best. Calm instrumental electronica music theme with comforting, relaxed hi-tech feel.

Positive upbeat fun rock and roll instrumental with a retro influence. Would also work perfectly for animated cartoon production, advertisements, a wide range of promotional media, commercials and more. Motivational Living secs Version - Bjorn Lynne. New Commercial Music on Site.

Featuring acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. There are some excellent options around. Positive and uplifting tropical pop royalty free music. Music helps to hold your message together, sets the tone you want, and essentially make the whole video seem complete. Great for corporate uses, successful projects, presentations, technology videos, interview, bright startups, fantastic time and as music for podcasts.

It features a good looking interface that makes everything easy to use along with skins that you can download and install for more customization. Very motivational, uplifting, lively. Under Water - Thomas Seher.

Happy, easy going, and cheerful sound. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Do you want the background music to support the message you are conveying?

Musicolet is the only music player in android market which supports multiple Queues. Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe. In the style of Americana, acoustic folk and new country.

Definitive Commercial Music With tens of thousands of hot commercial music tracks at your fingertips, why go anywhere else? Whatever your preference, we've picked out the best free downloaders that will make updating your music library effortless. You can download free online music, which includes hundreds of tracks from our music store. Dreamy and atmospheric pop track, in the style of Dream Pop-Shoegaze, featuring spacious bright guitars, background synth, desert storm game for windows 8 bass and drums.

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Hands Down - Sting - Roland Rudzitis. Do you know Apollo Music Store? Great for party clubs music, lounge bars, tropical vacation and sunny beach music, Fashion shows, slideshow and presentation, summer and travel shows, summer music background.

Chips - the Clapping Song - Ross Milligan. It's very simple and a great option for those who just want to listen to their music without anything getting in the way.

It has a ton of features, including organizational features for things like audiobooks, podcasts, and the ability to sort songs by things like composer instead of just artist. Suitable for rustic theme videos, morning sunrise scene or as calm on-hold music. An inspiring and motivating track with delayed electric guitar, ambient piano, acoustic guitars, bells, glockenspiel and soaring strings. If your film needs music for reaching that Everest summit or for rescuing that nice old lady from that burning building, this is for you.

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This royalty free track has great optimistic atmosphere and catchy sound. Bright and optimistic music track with beautiful piano and introspective electric guitars. Playful and funny track featuring pizzicato strings, xylophone, harp and woodwinds. It will certainly work well with Latin American video projects, documentaries, travel shows, slideshows and more. The pro version is inexpensive as well.

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Spirit of the People - Jive Ass Sleepers. This is upbeat and positive country folk music with uplifting and inspirational mood. You can also change the theme if you want, but the theme editor isn't especially powerful.

This is catchy and uplifting pop music with dance feeling and inspiring mood. Im Relaxed And Im Whistling. Desert Mirage - Nora Berg.

For the past decade, we have been creating music for the biggest and boldest brands out there. Play, tune and identify songs with this music player. Light Years - Anthony Davilio. This track can be used in different types of videos, for luxury retail products, or anything that requires an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

Vuze isn't intimidating, but is full of advanced torrenting tools for finding exactly the right files and converting them to the best format for your playback devices. There is also a desktop version in case you want to kill two birds with a single app. We make it so easy for you to find the perfect edit, in the perfect genre, mood or style.

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It's definitely a step up from most basic music player apps. What makes MediaMonkey a truly unique music player is the ability to sync your music library from your computer to your phone and back over WiFi.