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But Feroz had his eye on International star Biddu to score a song for Qurbani. Will Feroz Khan's Qurbani outdo Abdullah? Qurbani was remade in Tamil as Viduthalai in by producer K. In the climax of the movie, Amar sacrifices his life to save Rajesh, english news videos Sheela and Tina from getting killed by Vikram.

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This was at a time when not many in India had seen a Mercedes, let alone sat in one. Vikram and his goons reach London to take revenge against Rajesh and Amar. Every third film had a Disco theme or title song in it. The song Laila O Laila was also very popular.

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However, before quitting Rakka's gang, Amar has committed a crime, masked, and inspector Amjad Khan is investigating that case. Amar promises Rajesh he will support him in this one last robbery.

Bollywood soundtrack Disco Filmi qawwali. No need to be fancy, just an overview. The song was sung by singer Alka Yagnik. After a short time, Amar and Sheela get together. There was so craze that many discotheque and nightclub were introduced in metro cities in India, just to enjoy and dance on pop music.

They insisted they wanted an original song. While fleeing, Vikram swears revenge against Amar. Amar saves Sheela from a gang of rowdy bikers.

During the conversation, Amar incidentally reaches the site and a fist fight ensues between Amar and Vikram. Author Write something about yourself. While returning, he meets Vikram who again reminds him of the deal to rob Rakka. They meet regularly as Sheela likes Amar's daughter Tina.

The album was written by Faruk Kaiser and Indeevar. Problems playing this file? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Feroz Khan initially asked Amitabh Bachchan to play the role of Amar.

Feroz also played the Bangalore card with Biddu since both Feroz and Biddu both hailed from Bangalore. It was sung by singer Sadhana Sargam. Get the download link below. Again the music creator of this song was Viju Shah, who beautifully composed this song and even today liked my many music lovers across the country. Rajesh Feroz Khan was a motorcycle stuntman in a circus and is now a thief, expert in breaking open treasuries.

Rajesh has not disclosed to Sheela that he is a thief. In one such robbery, he is being watched by a jolly but shrewd police inspector Amjad Khan Amjad Khan. He nurses Amar back to normal and soon they turn thick friends.

They plan to shift to London after the robbery with the money. Sacrifice is a Indian Hindi action film. He bought himself a real silver sword, as is befitting to a pathan.

The singer was Udit Narayan. They went through a gruelling ten day schedule, picturising a song sequence and other scenes. After several discussions, Feroz Khan stuck to his choice. Inspector Amjad Khan arrests Rajesh for theft after he is seen by an officer at a traffic accident.

All songs are of original soundtrack. We have tried to give inclusive details of these songs like singer name, music composer, etc. These songs got so popularity that countries like China, Russia and Japan composed songs in their own languages. And the music director Viju Shah too got acclaimed in bollywood industry.

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To draw shock from the audience, a scene was included with the calculated decimation of a Mercedes Benz in an underground parking lot. The film had Rajnikant in Feroze Khan's role and Dr.

Qurbani Lyrics - All Songs Lyrics & Videos

Qurbani Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs Free Download - megabestkindle

The interiors cost roughly Rs. Below you can find the link to download this song. It cost the grand sum of Rs. So the role of Amar went to Vinod Khanna. Rajesh and Sheela are in love.

Vikram meets Rajesh in jail. Jatin-lalit started their career as a composer with this famous song.