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Cowell and Lauren Silverman met for the first time with the help of Andrew. Cowell's relation with Lauren pitched high because the married life of Silverman couple was unhappy.

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It's a good one, it tastes nice and sweet. The age gap was controversial, and their casual Vegas wedding surprised everyone. Today, the pair have a total of nine marriages between the two of them. This scrutiny is sometimes at its peak when these celebrities are in relationships, especially relationships that the public may deem inappropriate. The pair are most famous for their relationship rather than for any of their work.

But behind closed doors, all was not as it seemed for Simon Cowell. Not long after, it was revealed that Lauren was expecting Simon's baby. Lauren and Simon are still together, black men and white women dating services and appear to have put much of the past behind them and are starting over as a new family. Lauren is expected to have got close with Simon during Caribbean Jaunts.

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She came into popularity after being connected with a popular icon Cowell who is the best friend of Andrew. His filing included allegations that Lauren had been unfaithful to Andrew with Cowell! They started dating when Lauren was with Andrew.

Most of the time, relationships deemed inappropriate are called so because of their big age differences. While these celebrities aren't really breaking any laws with their relationships, there are certain differences between them and their partner that stick out like a sore thumb to the public.

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In his first in-depth interview since the birth of their son, Eric, he addresses the chaos that erupted when news broke of his affair with married Lauren Silverman. Silverman attends and participates in several charitable events with her partner. Silverman is an American by nationality belonging to the White-American ethnicity. So even though the age difference might seem shocking to some, their relationship has managed to outlast most relationships in Hollywood. Aside from their big age difference and massive height difference, this just seemed like the most random celebrity pairing of all time.

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Lauren Silverman's Career

While this brought her a lot of publicity, she experienced even more media scrutiny in when she met year-old actor Aaron Tyler-Johnson and the two began dating. While they were dating, Benjamin used to call her from a payphone to see if she was ok. View gallery His phone has also been switched off for most of the last month outside of office hours, and he seems much calmer. Nicole, however, is only recognized officially as her sibling.