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Great thank you, you guys are fantastic and I love the nature sounds. How will I download the White Noise I have purchased? My favorite thing on this earth is to sit in the woods, and just watch and listen.

Enjoy the sounds of Loons calling and waves lapping on the shores of a remote wilderness lake. Mother nature is great at composing the most beautiful and peaceful sounds.

Relaxing Guitar Music Album. It's a sleepy summer night. Beautiful Instrumental Music Album. Spring River Sounds is a light, bright, full-bodied running water sound that is perfect for meditation on the element of water and all the energies of Spring. They all relax and start snoring to the nature sounds.

Experience the peaceful, steady white noise created by a gently flowing waterfall in Maui. Experience the peacefulness, yet sense of adventure associated with the lingering, captivating calls of song birds on a secluded lake. Heavy thunderstorm for me. Nestle-in as a powerful, but calming windstorm blows through a deep mountain valley.

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Thank you very much again. Discover the tranquility of soft surf as it washes against a sandy beach within a hidden cove protected by towering cliffs. It contains only bubbling and running water sounds. Healing sounds and chanting were used in rituals and ceremonies to heal people and the land from disease and negative energy. It is indeed beautifully recorded with distinct nuances of the weather intact.

Soothing and calming, Healing Falls is a natural source of white noise. Discover the tranquility of soft surf as it washes against a sandy beach. Use of this website's materials for public performance, or reproducing materials of this website for sale or other distribution, is not permitted without written permission from Nature Sounds. These recordings are not mere sound effects, or noise. Images and text may be used only within the context of the pages of this website, or in a review, article or critique of this website.

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Hear the sounds of lazy breezes ebb and flow, swirl and eddy, blackberry curve 8330 software as a repetitious wood warbler chants his mantra. Thank you for providing an atmosphere of beautiful nature sounds!

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Sleepy Cricket and Meditation Brook are both wonderful recordings and are exactly what I was looking for. Contains loons, pileated woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds, trillers, warblers, sparrows, phoebes, yellow-throats, juncos, vireos, blue jays, grosbeaks, chick-a-dees, ravens, and more.

However, the best recording for me is the Rolling Thunder recording. Heavenly Relaxation Music Album. They do this to encourage deep relaxation and sleep, and to heal the mind body and spirit. In addition to this, taking daily long walks in green spaces has shown to be helpful when recovering from stress and mental disorder. PayPal is fast, free, and secure to use and you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase.

Relax to rain and strong winds in the tropics while you take refuge in the safety of a warm, dry shelter. Adjust continuity If you want the sound volume to fluctuate instead of playing continuously, click on a drop-down box with a green line and choose one of interrupted lines. The sound is very realistic like I am really there. The sounds of running water, like those of water falls, streams, rivers, rain yield a broadband noise especially good at masking noise.

Sound Mixer Use this free tool to play nature sounds on headphones while reading or meditating or just for fun. In a careful, respectful and loving manner, natural sounds are recorded and edited, or sometimes mixed and arranged, into finished artistic soundscapes. Your beautiful recordings capture that feeling of harmony and serenity well, the listening part, anyway! Chillout Lounge Mixtape Music Album.

Lay back on a white sand beach as seabirds circle gracefully over a gentle surf. If you want the sound volume to fluctuate instead of playing continuously, click on a drop-down box with a green line and choose one of interrupted lines. Unwind to the exhilarating, but soothing sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a remote lake.

During the still of a wilderness night, enjoy the solitude and warmth of a roaring bonfire with mesmerizing, glowing embers. The other web sites that I saw with similar products sold their tracks for about twice what you charged.

Mind Body Healing Music Album. Spring Water Trickle is a delicate and light running water sound that is perfect for an indoor fountain sound. The reasons why we love nature and all the wealth mother nature has to offer are many and vary from person to person.

White-Throated Sparrow is the ideal relaxation recording for the bird lover. What wonderful nature recordings! Take a break and walk along a jagged coastline as you listen to the powerful, yet exhilarating, crash of waves against the rocks.

When your senses take in incredible landscapes and peaceful sounds it sets off a cascade of physical and psychological benefits. Mystified I walked back to where I was and the ringing stopped again.

Nature Sounds s tracks

Peaceful Massage Therapy Music Album. Rebecca I have just purchased my fifth and sixth recordings and thought you might be interested in how I'm using them. The tall waterfall provides a natural white noise with both high and low frequencies. However nature sounds get much wider appreciation - it is hard to find a person that does not like the sound of beach waves crashing against the shore. Nature Sleep Sounds Album.