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Utah code dating protective order florida, where do I file a dating violence protective order?

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Where do I file a dating violence protective order?

Check your paperwork and your identification. If the court issues a temporary dating violence protective order it lasts until a hearing is set.

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Take you and your papers to a judge for the ex parte hearing. You may ask for an immediate temporary order without giving notice to the abuser. Show the clerk your drivers license or other identification. However, the dating relationship must rise above mere casual friendship in a business, educational, or social context.

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Who may file a dating violence protective order?

Tell the clerk that you want to file a Request for a Protective Order. If the abuser is a spouse, former spouse, parent, or an individual who lives or has lived with you, see our section on Cohabitant Abuse Protective Orders. There is no fee for requesting a Protective Order. The abuser can be ordered not to harass, telephone, contact, or otherwise communicate with you, directly or indirectly.

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Take the completed forms and identification to the district court in the county where you or the Respondent live or where the abuse took place. You have to fill out forms, file them with the court, and attend court hearings. The petition can be filed regardless of whether you have taken action to end the relationship with the abuser. All of the forms listed here will need to be completed and filed for your filing to be accepted at the courthouse. You will need your case number and the judges name for other forms you will have to fill out.

Who may file a dating violence protective order?

The County Sheriff will serve the Respondent. How long does a dating violence protective order last? If you are filing a dating violence protective order for yourself, you should file it in the district court of the county where you or the other party lives or in the county where the abuse happened.

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Causing or trying to cause physical harm to a dating partner or, satelucos yahoo dating Placing a dating partner in reasonable fear of immediate physical harm. Do I need more than one incident of dating violence? Where do I file a dating violence protective order? Request for a Dating Violence Protective Order. What is abuse and dating violence?

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