Wii Backup Manager 64 Bit

Totally rewrote the logging system. This shows the title stored in the file.

Wii Backup Fusion Web Site. Home Browse Wii Backup Fusion. The complete and simple to use backup solution for your Wii games. The transfer list is also sorted by size to rule out smaller files as soon as possible because they don't need re-split. If write access fails, for movies and music then files are opened as read-only when it's valid to do so.

When a cover can't be downloaded to the cache, the display uses whatever it can find in the cover folders. Something wasn't saving correctly since the move to Unicode. More comprehensive game region list. If the temp folder name in the settings file was blank when opening the app, all of the tabs were missing.

Texture blending mode for covers. Without full scrubbing, some junk data will remain.

Download wbfs manager 64 bit for free (Windows)

Get the SourceForge newsletter. They were blending onto black, instead of the background. So the titles displayed are the titles that are used when renaming. The Game info vertical splitter resizer wasn't repositioned when setting position if the game info panel.

Download wbfs manager 64 bit for free (Windows)

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It's much more stable than anything else I tried. Wrote a file download class using WinInet. Stupid not having it before. Maybe the cause of the problems some people have been experiencing.

Only single layer supported for now. Embedding it in the exe was causing problems.

Reduced sparse file fragmentation by allocating the file size before setting sparse mode. Sort by region column caused the app to hang when the language wasn't English. The custom titles file was always saved to the app folder instead of the location in the settings. Both reading and writing were broken when the split was reached. The app is now fully unicode enabled.

Names of the Covers menu items reflect the fact that they also sync the cover folders when the relevant options are set. Naming conventions for files, just the same as folders. Check if the destination file is going to be exactly the same as the source. This will allow reproducible hashes from any source as long as the partition usage is the same. Drive formatting routines should be working as expected now.

Download wbfs manager (64 bits) free

Drive usage bar colours applied when settings are read from the ini. Hashes are calculated when adding a disc to the drive and can be used to verify the data is still intact at a later date. Please don't fill out this field. The database list wasn't refreshed after changing the settings.

Unless a transfer is in progress etc. Allowing this would just be a waste of the user's time because the first files would be overwritten by the duplicates. Attachment settings in the feedback form weren't saved. Progress panels show in a scroll box on the right side of the window. Simply select the loader and your base cover folder.

Wii Backup Manager

If there's a bad Wii disc partition table entry, it's recognised instead of the many problems it could cause. Translators should manually change this value to reflect the version they translated for.

Wbfs manager 64 bit

Disabled all GameCube related code. They were referencing total size instead of selected size.

Average transfer speed shown in the log, once finished. This is used to free blocks after removing corrupt discs, since the header can't be trusted. Various operations didn't use thread safe debug events. Everything seen there is also in the main log.

Rewrote the job queue system so it's threaded. The language database filter wasn't working correctly. Consider this feature to be beta since I don't have any way to play test it. This made it impossible to tell why the game wasn't loaded.

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Keep all Wii disc partitions by default. You can also attach the current log. It could be handy to disable this when transferring over a network etc. Multiboot disc transfers didn't work correctly when the disc contained anything other than game partitions.

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If you use it, please let me know your results. With an option to automatically convert to the chosen convention when a drive is mounted. See the ncwbfsstyle template. Empty or zero sized drives aren't shown in the format dialog.

Now using the Built in Delphi version. If there's any blocks found to be allocated, but unused, they're marked as free. Drive format dialog will offer to dismount the selected drive if it's already in use. Duplicates checking with transfers from the files page didn't work and would get caught in an infinite loop, causing the app to freeze when de-selecting the items.

Any games in the queue after the broken one wouldn't be loaded. Doing more that one thing at a time will terminate the software in a segmentation fault. Once inserted, all game partitions are selected and the transfer begins automatically.

Download wbfs manager (64 bits) free