Cinebook Ltd is the current publisher for the English version of the series. Honeycomb, Yakari's bear cub friend, comes to him for help after his mother's strange behaviour. Of this series, so far, I've seen only four episode segments, but I've been enjoying them well.

What provoked the otherwise peaceful Great Eagle? In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Once upon a time - explorers and inventors change the world is a French animated series. The music is nice as well, but most notably that traditional Native American music featured as the theme. To save himself, a naughty flying squirrel who disturbed the wolverine's sleep promises to teach him how to fly.

The series is now written by Joris Chamblain who is from France. Will Yakari make it in time? It's probably a petty reason, but just the same, I still detest that and that's the only reason why I took away a star in the rating. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Yakari.

Will the mysterious rainbow-serpent help Yakari? Poor Yakari is cold, sick and feverish, and has visions of ancient legends about the sons of the eagle and the fearful water demon, as his totem, the Great Eagle, is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, an enormous serpentine figure appears in the river. Most of the cast I'm not familiar with, the exception being Sonja Ball. Ridiculed, the hairy beast sets a devious trap for Yakari.

Yakari was given a feather from Great Eagle, but his father explains that he must earn his right to wear an eagle feather and bring proof to the tribe. The Sioux village is surprised in winter by winds which swell to a blizzard. Chief and shaman The-One Who Knows gets lost. Does Restful Rock have a secret plan in mind?

What could possibly be the mysterious cliff face? They're shown in a more positive light, which makes that refreshing. Yakari and Rainbow encounter a pack of wolves hunting a moose who got trapped after a rockslide. Now, how can Yakari discover the missing musical instrument before its owner returns? After a moment of carelessness, Yakari discovers a peculiar impression of an enormous bird-like creature carved into a cliff.

During a fishing trip, Yakari falls in the river while trying to save a helpless bear cub and loses his memory. Concerning the technical aspects, I've seen and heard the English dub, and the voice actors of that sound like they voiced their roles well. After the end of the hunting season, a pregnant female buffalo disappears, while a hungry wolf and his pack are already after the helpless mother. As Yakari discovers the angry bear-mother and the culprit, only a clever plan will make things right again.


This must be among those programs that has been slept on or skipped over by U. Could their search lead them to the sacred stone?

Will they find a way out of there? Job has finished working on Yakari.


At that moment, it caught my eyes and got me interested in that the most, so I decided this is the next one I'd check out and, as usual, I'm glad I did. Animation Adventure Drama. In addition to being a Western, adventure, and historical show, it can also be considered a fantasy, as it contains several mystical elements that make this even more of a thrill to watch.

Only the Queen of the bees knows where to find them, but will she share the secret with Yakari? Much to his surprise, Yakari discovers that the sluggish and sleepy, Eyes-Always-Shut, is actually very active during the night. In search of a place where the tribe can set up camp for the winter, Yakari and Buffalo Seed are scared off by the mysterious Moon Spirit. But are the hungry wolves willing to cooperate?


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Audible Download Audio Books. Recommended to anyone who is looking for something that features Natives on the non-stereotypical end of the spectrum. Will Cringing Wolf's training be successful? Can Yakari trick the trickster? The often off the wall, nonsensical, non-speaking antics of an animated creature with an enormously long tail and his life in Polombia.

Original stories involving original and additional characters were written for both television series. Intrigued, he follows a trail which proves planned by two individuals. Another cartoon that was unbeknownst to me and seems to have passed American T. Slow and elderly villagers need help. The trail to the valley is still blocked and only the big male moose knows another way out.

One of the better animated programs I've seen to date and European. Le Lombard French Cinebook English. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Will those stubborn two let him be the voice of reason? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Can Yakari help the elderly bison catch up to his herd? After days of incessant rain, Yakari and Rainbow find themselves stranded on a small peninsula along with a mother moose, its calf and a fearful wolverine. The workings of the human body explained by animated characters. Who do those eyes belong to?

Yet another, great discovery I made while searching for some other cartoon in a search engine. Learn more More Like This.

Litle Big-Shot is pissed-off when Yakari wins another dare, tree climbing, christmas games to on pc by picking an oak he knows all too well. Yakari with the help of a wide-winged condor head to the high mountains to discover an enormous boulder in the water's way. The good-hearted and well-meaning Yakari is having trouble keeping his promises to his mother and his friends.

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While wandering in the forest picking berries, Yakari, Buffalo Seed and Rainbow encounter a strange big bird which makes a crash landing in the river. Will Yakari and Buffalo Seed find the remedy in time? The previous adaptation is from the s, but I've yet to see that.